What is Microskin™?

Microskin™ is a simulated second skin technology made of natural food grade ingredients that is formulated to act exactly as your skin does while providing a protective barrier that is waterproof, breathable and sheds exactly the same way your natural skin does. Once applied Microskin™ is durable, flexible, and it won’t rub off on clothing or linen. Microskin™ is waterproof, allows your skin to breathe and is suitable for men, women and children with all skin types.

Why is Microskin™ different to anything else?

As Microskin™ acts just like your natural skin, it differs from any other lotion, creme or cosmetic on the market. Microskin™ is able to suspend active ingredients within the Microskin™ film as it sits on your skin. This allows our products like Camouflage By Microskin™ to be able to have colour pigments that match your natural skin tone colour correct any discolouration, scars or blemishes on your skin without it looking like a thick makeup. Thos same technology is what allows SunSeal™ By Microskin™ to provide long lasting waterproof sun protection as we can suspend our organic UVA/B blockers in the durable, Microskin™ film that protects you from the suns harmful rays.

Is Microskin™ absorbed into the skin?

No. Microskin™ has no absorption based qualities into the skin. Microskin™ is predominantly a natural oil based product that binds to the outer surface of the skin. The high water content in our skin repels any absorption of Microskin™ past the epidermis.

How long do Microskin™ products last on my skin?

On average one application will last three days and in some cases even longer, depending on your skin type.It varies with different skin types (oily/dry) and on different parts of the body. On the face, as the natural oils will break the Microskin™ film down faster. On other parts of the body it will last longer, when applied to the hands the Microskin™ film will break down faster due to our hands being the most used part of our body, wear and tear on the film by activities such as frequent washing of hands, continual abrasion will cause the film to were off quicker than other parts of the body. Burns patients are able to get more wear out of Microskin™ as they don’t have the sweat or oil glands in the skin to break it down.

Are Microskin™ products safe?

Yes. Microskin™ products are made from ingredients that are on the TGA / FDA / EU / UK regulatory approved lists. Furthermore Microskin™ technology is made from food grade standard ingredients. Microskin™ products have been used by Dermatologists, GP’s, Hospitals and skin therapists around the world since 2007 with no adverse reaction to the formula recorded.

Are Microskin™ products safe for Children?

Yes! Microskin products are safe to use on children. One of the clinical studies conducted on Microskin™ was at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane Australia where no adverse reactions were recorded.

Are Microskin™ products Vegan friendly?

Microskin™ products are loved by Vegans all over the world.

Are Microskin™ products tested on animals?

Absolutely not! We at Microskin™ are totally against any animal testing when it comes to any products.

Have there been any clinical trials or studies conducted on Microskin™ technology?

Yes there have been numerous studies and trials. Microskin™ partnered with the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) and The University of Queensland (UQ) in Brisbane Australia. The researchers from UQ’s Department of Psychiatry and the RCH Paediatrics Burns Centre uncovered exception results. Microskin™ has also had independent studies and trials conducted to determine its safety, durability and wearability.

Where can I get Microskin™ products?

The full range of Microskin products are available at our online shop, or you can click here to find the locations of our Microskin™ Certified skin specialists around the world.