Simulated Skin Technology to enhance your lifestyle.

One application
Three days coverage
Infinite empowerement

Microskin™ is a revolutionary skin care technology that has changed what is possible in both the skin care and cosmeceutical industries. For several years the patented Microskin™ technology has lead the way in providing a solution for a variety of skin conditions; today Microskin™ technology is being applied into widely used consumer products so everyone can benefit from long lasting, waterproof, durable and breathable skin care solutions that are only available with Microskin™.

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We’re building the future of skin care with patented technology that is backed by science & products that are proven by you.

Every day at Microskin we are learning from our community, and working in our research laboratories and leading dermatologists to develop Microskin products that enhance your lifestyle.

As always, we’re backed by science, and driven by the belief that our patented Microskin technology is the benchmark in simulated skin solutions that are both effective and safe.

  • SunSeal


    Developed in Australia for the harshest sun conditions anywhere,
    SunSeal is exactly what every sunscreen should be. Durable and
    Waterproof giving SPF 50+ protection longer than any sunscreen available.

  • Camouflage


    The gold standard in camouflage cosmeceuticals. Camouflage By
    Microskin™ is available in 35 generic colours or customised to your
    own skin tone. Empower yourself with choice and the lifestyle you
    want with one application lasting 3 days.