Available in 35 colours or customisable to your exact skin tone, Camouflage by Microskin™ is the gold standard in camouflage cosmeceuticals technology.

Camouflage by Microskin™ leads the way as the only scientifically proven multiple day durable, breathable, waterproof and customisable camouflage solution. Camouflage by Microskin™ is a completely unique formulation and is the only product available that uses the patented Microskin™ simulated skin technology that is used internationally by leading Dermatologists and skin specialists where it is used to treat skin conditions such as vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, birthmarks, burns to the skin, hyper-pigmentation, scarring and a diverse variety of other skin conditions. Camouflage by Microskin™ also has further applications for post surgery treatment and camouflage of tattoo’s.

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How It Works


The Microskin™ technology suspends the colour pigments we use in the Microskin™ film. The pigments which are matched to your skin tone then bind to the skin cells on the surface of the skin and create a protective micro barrier that simulates your natural skin. Camouflage By Microskin™ acts just like your natural skin does, it is flexible and breathable, it allows you to sweat like you normally would, it is waterproof and when applied correctly won’t need to be reapplied for three days. Then after 3 or more days the Microskin™ will shed just as your normal dead skin cells fall away without you noticing. Take a look at our Science page to learn even more.

We all have different types of skin.

Some lighter, some darker, some oilier some dry but no ones skin is identical. The foremost priority we have for users of Camouflage by Microskin™ is for it to assist our customers in rebuilding their confidence and self esteem that may have been lost due to a skin related condition such as birthmarks, burns, vitiligo, scars, Rosacea, Melasma, Psoriasis and eczema.

The features and benefits Camouflage by Microskin™ offer are as follows;

  • Increases self confidence
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is formulated individually for each patient using advanced Microskin™ Colour Correcting Technology to visually correct and produce an individual’s simulated second skin formula.
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ can aid any condition where there is an alteration in skin colour or for all sun sensitive skin conditions
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is a complete system
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is a liquidised simulated skin that binds to the epidermis
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ feels and looks like human skin
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is flexible and durable
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is waterproof
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is breathable on the skin
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is NOT a crème camouflage makeup
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ does not have a thick makeup feeling or appearance
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ will not rub off onto clothes, furnishings or bedding
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ corrects small to large areas on the skins surface
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is suitable for men, women and children
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is formulated to suit any type of skin tone
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ can be removed easily with Microskin™ Removing Serum
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is an effective and safe product
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ aids in protecting the skin from sun and other light sources
  • Camouflage by Microskin™ is developed and made in Australia to the highest clinical standards
Skin Conditions We Help

What Camouflage By Microskin™ colour are you?

Camouflage by Microskin™ has 35 generic colours in our range. From the fairest to the darkest skin tone Camouflage by Microskin™ has a colour that will match your skin. The Microskin™ developed “Colour-Match” technology allows you to perfectly match a Microskin™ colour to your skin tone anywhere on your body, giving you the comfort in knowing that Microskin™ is specifically made for your requirements.

What you need to know



The ingredients in Camouflage By Microskin™ products are

Alcohol SDNatural Oil BinderCellulose GumNatural Mineral Colour AdditivesNatural Resin ExtractSucrose EsterInorganic ThickenerAntioxidantsPreservatives

If you would like to know more about the ingredients used in the extremely versatile technology of Microskin™ please do not hesitate to contact us directly at hello@microskin.com

How long does it last?

Independent scientific studies have proven that Camouflage by Microskin™ lasts on the skin for 3 days. We all have different types of skin. some lighter, some darker, some oilier some dry. Camouflage by Microskin™ can last for three days on the skin when at that time the natural oils in our skin will begin to breakdown the Microskin™ technology as our dead skin cells begin to shed. No other consumer skin technology can offer a more durable or waterproof longer lasting result. When applied to the hands, Camouflage by Microskin™ can wear off slightly quicker due to our hands being the most used skin surface. Activity such as frequent rubbing, contact and washing and drying of hands can sometimes cause the Microskin™ technology to wear off slightly quicker than other areas of the body.

The Camouflage by Microskin™ Simulated Skin Technology

Camouflage by Microskin™ Simulated Skin performs in two distinct ways.

Camouflage. By Microskin™ is applied to the skin in liquid form. As the delivery agents rapidly evaporate it leaves a water resistant film that suspends mineral pigments to match skin tone colours on the skins surface, leaving a finish that looks and feels like your natural skin. During the evaporation phase the Cellulosic and Oil components migrate towards the skins surface and partially enter the Corneum layer. This assists in binding the dried film to the skins surface and provides considerable elasticity to the film.

When the Microskin™ film is removed with the Removing Serum the Cellulosic and Oil bound Corneum Cells are exfoliated with the removed film. Technically, any ingredients which remain on the surface of the skin or in the Corneum layer are referred to as ingredients which have “penetrated”. They are not considered to have entered the capillary system and therefore are not referred to as having been “absorbed”.

As Microskin™ is formulated on more Lipophilic (Oil based) ingredients these components have a difficult job continuing further down the path of penetration in the Corneum layer due to the lower Epidermal layer having a higher water concentration and therefore considered more Lipophobic (Oil resistant). As we all know Water and Oil do not mix easily – if at all.

The concentrations of ingredients in the Microskin™ film are carefully balanced to provide sufficient penetration only to hold the film firmly onto the skin and not allow high penetration into the Corneum layer. This balancing of components is carefully managed to provide elasticity of the dried film to produce lasting properties.

To prevent total blocking of sweat glands and hair follicles the ingredient balance is carefully adjusted to allow the skin to “breathe” and perspiration to pass through the water resistant film.

When we say that Microskin™ allows the skin to breathe we do not mean that the skin actually breathes and the Microskin™ film continues to allow that to happen. As it is widely known the human respiratory system does not include the skin, even though the human skin is the body's largest organ and makes up about 15% of body weight. It does lots of amazing things but it does not play an active role in helping us to breathe.

What the Microskin™ film does do, is allow the air to reach the skin. Microskin™ is uniquely engineered so when the delivery agent of Microskin™ rapidly evaporates it creates microscopic vents in the Microskin™ film which allows oxygen from the air to reach the skin. Oxygen exposure of the human skin is considered important for maintaining a healthy skin.

A further important property of the Microskin™ film is it allows perspiration to pass through the film and does not stick to hair allowing your hair to continue to grow. Facial hair will also continue to grow so the male members of our Microskin™ family of users will still have to shave. However as the Microskin™ film is extremely resistant to water and has extremely high adhesive and strength properties careful shaving may be carried out without damage to the Microskin™ film.

Again the innovative engineering of Microskin™ allows it’s unique adhesion, water resistance and elasticity properties to be used without blocking the skins pores through which perspiration passes to the air. When the body begins to sweat it is not unusual to observe beads of perspiration forming on the surface of the Microskin™ film. Sweat does not harm or damage the Microskin™ film.

These Microskin™ properties further demonstrate the uniqueness of Microskin™ and the incredible functionality it offers as a simulated second skin.

Certified Microskin™ Practitioners

Camouflage by Microskin™ is not a makeup, it is a simulated skin technology that must be applied a particular way to obtain an incredibly natural, long lasting result.

We always recommend for the best results you receive a full consultation from a Certified Microskin™ Practitioner. If you are purchasing Camouflage By Microskin™ from our online shop you will be prompted to our online training modules.

When you book a consultation with a certified Microskin™ practitioner, you will work one-on-one with a Dermatologist or skin specialist that has undergone extensive training in the Camouflage by Microskin™ system. The certified practitioner will demonstrate the Camouflage By Microskin™ difference on your skin and give you the option of purchasing one of the 35 standard colours available that is the closest match to your skin tone. Alternatively you may choose to have a customised Camouflage by Microskin™ experience where you will have your skin evaluated and measured by using our proprietary colour-match system to make a Camouflage by Microskin™ colour that is a precise match to your individual skin tone. All of our Certified Microskin™ Practitioners can be viewed here.

Application Techniques

There are two techniques of applying Camouflage. By Microskin™:

StippleThe Stipple / Sponge technique is meant for relatively small areas, approximately the size of you hand. A specially developed stipple sponge is used. The pore like texture of the sponge allows Camouflage by Microskin™ to be applied in very light layers, providing a natural skin like texture.

AirbrushingThis is the technique used for larger areas. The airbrush allows the user to achieve a fine, even application, which dries quickly.

During your consultation you will be trained in both techniques of application and your Microskin™ Practitioner will determine which procedure best caters for your condition.

Is Camouflage By Microskin™ a makeup?

No. Camouflage By Microskin™ is a Simulated Second Skin. It does not wear like a creme or lotion based makeup.

Will Camouflage By Microskin™ help cover my skin imperfections?

Camouflage By Microskin™ is used on conditions such as vitiligo, birthmarks, burns, scarring, psoriasis, rosacea, lupus, eczema, pigmentation and other related skin conditions. Camouflage By Microskin™ will only visually colour correct the skin condition, it will not alter the texture of the skin.

Does wearing Camouflage By Microskin™ look like I have makeup on?

Depending on the skin condition that Camouflage By Microskin™ has been applied to, some people will achieve better results than others, this is due to texture of the skin, multiple layering and the high expectations of the client. Remember, Camouflage By Microskin™ is not a cure, it is a visual colour correction of a skin disorder. We have found that clients view the success of Camouflage By Microskin™ differently to what the general public sees.

Does Camouflage By Microskin™ work on all skin colours?

Yes it does, our range of of 35 different skin tone colours will give you a very close match to your natural skin tone. Download the free Microskin Colour Match App to find out which colour suits your skin tone. If you would like a customised skin tone match, you can book a consultation with any of our Microskin™ Certified Practitioners around the world.

How is Camouflage By Microskin™ applied?

There are two techniques of applying Camouflage By Microskin™. Stipple is the technique we will train you for smaller areas. With this method a specially designed stipple sponge is used. The pore like texture of the sponge allows the product to be applied by a 3D application then it is slowly built up giving the Microskin™ film a skin like texture. Airbrushing is the technique used for larger areas. The airbrush allows you to achieve a fine, even application which dries very quickly. A Microskin™ Certified practitioner will determine what procedure best caters for your condition. Log in to our training section to see our Brand Ambassador and trainer Lucy and her application techniques.

Can I have a spray tan before I have Microskin™ applied or while I am wearing Camouflage By Microskin™?

This is not advised. Camouflage By Microskin™ is colour corrected to your skin tone. When a spray tan is applied it places an artificial colour over your skin, this will cause our equipment that reads your skin tone colour to give us in incorrect reading that wont match you actual skin tone.

What happens if I don’t have time to apply Camouflage by Microskin™ properly?

Camouflage By Microskin™ is not a quick fix, it takes time, dedication and you must make it a part of your day to day routine, to achieve the life changing experience Camouflage By Microskin™ can offer.

What is the recommended age to us Camouflage By Microskin™

What is the recommended age to us Camouflage By Microskin™

Where can I get camouflage By Microskin™?

Camouflage By Microskin™ is only available through our Microskin™ Certified Practitioners or direct via our online store. Take a look at at our locations page for your nearest Microskin™ Certified Practitioner.

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